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Young couple looking at their dream kitchen

So You Want To Renovate Your Home…

You finally bought your own place. It may need a little work but you have been doing your homework by watching HGTV renovation shows and DIY Youtube videos. You’ve taken notes on how that one couple on House Hunters Renovation redid their kitchen and what they did to save some pennies. You’ve got this right? Now, before you swing that hammer toward that possible load bearing wall there are somethings you need to know. Real Estate Training Institute has come up with a list of four things that you need to know before you take another step towards that circular saw and start your renovation.

Finding the Right ContractorMan burnt for a DIY wiring fail.

There are a few things to keep in mind when scrolling through your phone looking for a contractor. When you call a contractor they may not always pick up and answer right away, don’t take this personally. Most contractors will have you leave a message then get back to you later on in the day. Good contractors will not be available right away, they could have up to a 2 to 4 month wait before they start on your projects. Now, I know that 4 months is a long wait time to get your home started but just remember this, bad contractors are always available right away because they are not in demand.

Have all your products before starting

It’s easy to start demolition and a renovation and get ahead of yourself. Before you swing that sledge hammer make sure you have all your components for your space. If you are ordering materials, appliances, or other items that need to be delivered wait to start your project until you have them in your possession. More often than not, things will not be delivered on time. There could be delays in the delivery and next thing you know you have a finished bathroom with no sink.

Having a budget really does matter

Plans for a house and cash for house bugetOne rule of thumb in any renovation project is always, always, always leave room in the budget for two things: Unexpected costs and the real possibility of exceeding your budget. Doing your homework thoroughly before you start your renovation is going to work in your favor. Check and compare prices, ask friends and family who have gone through a similar renovation how much their budget was. Checking your budget with your contractor regularly to make sure you are still on track.


You have a dream, make it possible, but be realisticMan burnt out from painting laying on the floor

The task of a renovation is a huge undertaking. It can be daunting and slightly depressing to add up the cost, time and all the hidden unknowns during a project. Take your time, do your research, if you can’t afford an entire renovation take baby steps, renovate what you can afford now and save up for the next reno. Don’t be afraid to ask or hire a professional, they can help you make your dream home a reality. Most importantly, remember you will get frustrated and you will question your sanity, but in the end it’s going to look fantastic and you did that.

The idea of a renovation for most sounds like a fun and exciting challenge, for others it is a daunting undertaking. Before you get caught up in the thrill of demoing all things 70’s, take a realistic step back and pause. Make sure you have done your homework on the project, factored in the cost, and consulted with your contractor.

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