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Staging for the Sale

Staging for the Sale

As a realtor, you want to help your client sell their home quickly and for as much as possible. You know how important first impressions are. Staging is a great way to make the first impression a great and lasting one.  Located below are tips to give the homeowners on staging their home.

To Do

  • Increase curb appeal. Plant flowers, mow the lawn and place a welcome mat. Make those small repairs they have been putting off. For example, fix that leaky gutter, and paint the shutters.
  • Deep cleaning such as dusting, vacuuming, cleaning windows, and mopping the floors. Organizing closets and cupboards is also a great idea, you never know where people will look.
  • Potential buyers want to see themselves living in the home. Be sure to remove family photos and personal items.
  • Check the carpet and furniture for major stains. Remove the damaged furniture and get the carpets cleaned.
  • Remove pet beds, and litter boxes before potential buyers enter the home. All pets leave an odor behind. Try a pet odor eliminator spray.  Bake a batch of cookies before potential buyers show up to look at the home. The house will smell delicious and inviting!

Not to Do

  • If a potential buyer makes a negative remark about the home, make sure they don’t take it personally. Think of the comments as free advice and build from it.
  • Major renovations are not necessary. The seller may think that new fixtures will help to sell the home. However, potential buyers may not love them as much.
  • No need to buy new furniture to stage your home. Assist the homeowners in rearranging what they have and store away all the extra. Keep the décor neutral.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help in staging the home. There are professional stagers for a reason. Their services range from giving advice, to staging the entire home. Professional stagers are money well spent that will eventually end up back in their pocket.


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