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Stallcup's Release Their Education Courses Online!

The Stallcups, nationally respected electrical industry authors and instructors, have been approached by over twenty online schools to bring their electrical education to the public through online training.  The Stallcups are proud to announce they have finally chosen a provider: Certified Training Institute out of Northern Michigan. The electrical division of Certified Training Institute is ECSTI Electrical Codes and Standards Training Institute


“We chose this school for several reasons”, explains James Stallcup. “Their online program allows us to teach our students in an online environment just like we do in the classroom, plus their customer service staff is the most helpful and friendly we’ve ever experienced. Certified Training Institute is a company that follows through on its commitments. That level of integrity is hard to find today. ” 


The Stallcup’s Electrical Code Books have been used by instructors, municipalities, government bodies and large companies in the electrical industry for decades.  The thousands of proprietary illustrations created by Billy and James Stallcup are highly sought after by dozens of trades associations and electrical reference book publishers. Releasing the entire Stallcup’s  library in an online format is a huge step that took serious planning and consideration. The entire Stallcup family contemplated long and hard before making this decision.


“Our goal is to make sure electricians, inspectors, and everyone in the electrical industry has accurate and correct information on hand at all times,”  claims James Stallcup


The Entire Stallcup’s Library is now available online! Through an interactive ebook format, making this the most powerful reference tool in the electrical industry.  With the help of Certified Training Institute, these references materials and courses are available in two interactive formats:


1.     Stallcup’s Reference Tool Memberships granting exclusive access to all Stallcup publications

This exclusive membership program allows access to all of the Stallcup clear and concise illustrations, easy to understand explanations and years of collected professional tips. This is an industry first!


 2.      Interactive Online Electrical Courses

The Best Online Electrical Continuing Education

The easy to use, interactive online training courses involve the user through the use of visuals, videos and student participation.  The instructor led videos are actually demonstrations performed by James Stallcup, bringing the classroom to the student.

Whether you want to fulfill your personal continuing education requirements or train your entire staff, these publications and courses make sure you receive the most accurate and up to date electrical education.



For the fastest and most economical way to complete your electrical continuing education, visit or give the friendly staff a call at


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