New Electrical Instructor Presentation Packages for 2016

Electrical Codes and Standard Training Institute (ECSTI) in partnership with the Stallcup’s is releasing Instructor Presentation Packages for classrooms across the country. Stallcup’s interactive presentations give instructors tools and information that have never before been available. With top notch graphics and illustrations, “clickable” references, embedded videos, and Stallcup’s entire E-library, this is what instructors have been waiting for. Each instructor presentation packages include:


ECSTI E-library products

ECSTI’s E-library products


2014 NEC Changes: These 2014 presentations include the original 2011 standard, the NFPA Report on Proposal, any correlations with NFPA, 70E, 70B and 79 along with revisions and acceptance principals.


2015 NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Changes: Included in these presentations are illustrations with clickable references for every topic, the name of the submitter, the public input that influenced the change, as well as the revisions and response by the NFPA.


2014NEC Residential Receptacles, Motors and Transformers: This 4 hour interactive presentation course focuses on simplifying some of the more complicated rules pertaining to the design, installation, and selection of wiring methods and equipment.


Along with the courses mentioned above, each instructor will have access to ECSTI’s virtual library. The virtual E-library access comes with interactive Stallcup reference books as well as backdated editions and other electrical publications. Instructors will also have access to state approved continued education as well as:

James Sr. and James Jr. Stallcup

This program was created by James Stallcup Sr. and James Stallcup Jr. to provide instructors with higher quality information and presentations for their classrooms.

  • Easy to use, interactive video presentations. Instructors will be able to use these presentations in the classroom to explain electrical topics in detail. Each presentation includes information such as the actual proposed amendments and who proposed them, so the question of “Why” is easier to answer.
  • Structured for easy on the go lesson plans that give the instructors the ability to choose the exact topics they want to cover.
  • Current and continually added material for instructors to stay updated on current material. The entire system is cloud based, so there is a constant stream of new presentations becoming available for instructors to use and explore.
  • Pre-built quizzes and test questions that instructors can choose from and arrange or modify as they see fit for their lessons. Each question is taken directly from the presentations and are a great resource for making sure your class is staying on track.

ECSTI is excited to offer this great teaching tool to all instructors and companies with teaching facilities. ECSTI has partnered with the Stallcup’s to be able to offer this amazing teaching product so that electrical instructors can have an easy to use, interactive, up to date product for their students.

Better training, lower cost, higher productivity, and probably a whole lot easier that what you’re doing now.

To find out more information call Bob Webber- National Sales Manager of ECSTI


Use the NFPA 70E in Your Online Electrical Safety Training

What is the NFPA 70E?

The standard NFPA 70E was developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) at the request of OSHA. The 70E covers electrical safety requirements in the workplace for employees. The National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) and the National Electrical Code (NEC) also required subparts of the NFPA 70E.

Electrical Codes and Standards Training Institute (ECSTI) has collaborated with the Stallcup’s to create a hands on, illustrated course series based on the 70E code changes. The goal in creating this course is to make the rules and regulations easy to understand and enforce in any safety training and workplace.

  • Designers must design and layout electrical systems to meet the provision of the OSHA standards.


  • Installers are required to install and wire electrical systems to comply with the NEC and provide safety for the employee working in his or her workplace.


  • Inspectors must inspect the electrical system to ensure that it not only complies with the NEC, but also provides the necessary safety requirements of OSHA and NFPA 70E.

The Stallcup’s 2015 NFPA 70E code book and interactive series course will provide electricians with the most recent updates on the revisions that have taken place. This course will give electricians a jump start on the information they need in order to interpret and apply some of the changes required by OSHA.

In their course the Stallcup’s give the appropriate reasons for revisions and new articles are given, along with what kind of impact such changes will have on:

  • Manufacturers


  • Designers


  • Installers


  • Inspectors

For every proposal made for a change, there was a reason, this course and book series will provide the reasons why the changes were made.

NFPA 70E Video

Instructor Package and Employee Benefits

ECSTI offers pre-built presentations and course material to be used in the classroom for instructors. As a company teaching employees you will have access to many different tools at your fingertips.

  • Topics That Apply to Your Team – You can control the topics covered in training, making sure your team is given the information they need to make you jobs run smoother. 


  • Higher Quality Instruction – You can guarantee that your team is receiving the highest quality instruction from qualified instructors and authors.


  • Easily Track and Organize Information – Keeping track of your employees training, state requirements, safety meetings, and certificates is simple and easy.


  • On The Job Resources – Providing your employees with a constantly updated and mobile friendly electrical library of the highest quality reference books will boost productivity. Information and standards can be quickly referenced on the job from any mobile device, and then shared with co-workers or inspectors.


  • Employee Development – Providing a path for career growth through employee training and professional development will improve your company’s recruiting package and make it easier to recruit and retain top talent.