To Flush or Not to Flush… The Benefits of Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals are a green technology that helps business owners save money. Not only do they benefit from reduced water usage, but also lower maintenance costs, improved hygiene, and easier installation. Like anything that sees consistent use, waterless urinals require cleaning and maintenance. The upkeep of traditional flush urinals can be expensive, and maintenance in certain instances can take hours. Waterless urinals require less maintenance since there are no flushing mechanisms, cisterns, or water supply pipes. There is no chance of a flood should a pipe freeze or break and very little chance of a pipe blockage.

So how do waterless urinals work?

Waterless urinals divert urine through a one-way valve into a “trap.” This trap contains a chemical that is less dense than urine. When the urine flows through this trap, the liquid displaces the urine, forcing it lower into the trap. This liquid not only forces the urine down and away from the urinal, it seals odor by preventing odor and urine from seeping back up into the urinal. As this trap fills up, it diverts urine to a drain connected to a sewer. Over time, the liquid, usually some type of oil or gel, needs to be replaced. When a cartridge wears out or is damaged, a replacement cartridge can be easily installed.

Waterless urinals are a good and cost-effective solution for most, but not all, sites. The choice of the waterless urinal is key because while all types of waterless urinals will obviously save the same amount of water, they have different implementation and running costs.


Plumbers: Going Mobile

Service technicians flourish when given the opportunity to go mobile, and any tool that increases mobility is a treasure in this business. Digital service management systems remotely connect field technicians to their home office and usually include job assignments, invoicing and GPS services, but perhaps the most helpful aspect of this type of software is file sharing. Customer relationships are crucial, especially for bigger operations, where technician crossover or change occurs often. Finding a way to share customer information among technicians can be vital to customer service.

Another valuable feature is the GPS. In today’s world, most operators have Google Maps on their phone, but what these systems do with GPS is much more than that. The software links with the office so schedulers can see where technicians are located in the field and destinations can be sent directly to them.

Service management systems simplify operations, whether it’s dispatching job assignments to technicians already in the field or trading work orders and invoices between the customer, office, and technician. Finding a company that will work with you and is readily available for questions is key.


Tips for Working in Small Spaces

One of the biggest problems for many plumbers is how to get the necessary work done in a confined space. We've all found ourselves trying to maneuver in confined spaces which prohibit quick or efficient work. Here are a few tips gathered from contractors to help in even the tiniest of spaces.

  1. Plan  - Identify the best piping routes, if possible, remote locate manifolds, pumps, and zone valves. There's no need to stuff everything in the mechanical room plus this method will save you time and exasperation in the long run.
  2. Sketch the mechanical room on paper before attempting to install anything.
  3. If possible, be the first person in. Even if everyone on site tries their best to avoid inhibiting others, a small mechanical room leaves little room (literally) for everyone. Get in first and avoid having to work around others.
  4. Stay organized! One would think a small space would make it hard to lose anything but on the contrary, the smaller the space the harder it can be to locate the correct tool if you have allowed your tools to become disorganized.
  5. Look for multi-function products. A combination heating and hot water unit can save you a lot of time and space in a tiny mechanical room.


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