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Texas Architecture

Texas Architecture FAQ

How do I renew my Texas architect license?

  1. Complete 12-hours of continuing education
  2. Renew your license online or by mail and pay the appropriate renewal fee
    $108 for residents | $200 for non-residents

What are the Texas Continuing Education Guideline Requirements?

Texas architects must complete a minimum of 12 HSW continuing education hours including 1-hour of Sustainable Design and 1-hour of Accessibility Standards each calendar year (January 1 through December 31). Licenses must be renewed the following June every year.

When is my Texas architect continuing education due?

Your continuing education is due December 31st every year. However, your license does not expire until the following year.

When is my Texas architect license due for renewal?

Your license is due for renewal on the last day of your birth month annually.

Where do I find classes to renew my Texas architect license?

Architects Training Institute offers Texas and AIA-approved CE that meets all of your requirements and printable certificates available immediately upon course completion. 

Who submits my Texas architect continuing education?

Texas licensees are not required to send proof of continuing education activities to the state when renewing a license but they must maintain records of CE hours earned for 5 consecutive years for audit purposes. Architect Training Institute will store your CE records for 6-years at no additional cost. 

My Texas architect registration has lapsed, how do I reinstate it?

You may renew your license normally by paying a late fee. 

  • 1-90 days late: Residents-$160 | Non-residents-$300
  • 91 days-2 years late: Residents-$213 | Non-residents-$400
  • More than 2 years late: You must reapply for licensure

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