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The War on Rats

If you have ever lived in or traveled to big cities in America, chances are you have seen one or more of these pesky rodents. These furry critters pose a threat to cities not only because they are annoying but also because they spread diseases and wreak havoc on your stuff. Remember learning about the Black Plague? Allegedly spread by rats, it wiped out 2/3 of the world’s population.

New York City last year set a war on rats plan into action hoping to eliminate 70% of the rats in 10 of their most infested neighborhoods. How are they hoping to accomplish this by the end of 2018? The plan is pretty simple. Eliminate their food source. NYC has more trash than any other city on earth. 33 million tons per year! The plan is to change the design of trash receptacles with a mailbox style opening. They are advising residents to keep trash contained in closed bins or dumpsters; never leave pet food uncovered outside; remove piles of debris; ensure pet waste is disposed of in sealed containers; weed and throw away rotting vegetation from gardens, and maintain bird feeders.

The newly ordained “Rat Capitol” of the U.S—Chicago, has their own plan to take back their city. The Department of Streets and Sanitation conduct preventive baiting and began a pilot program to place dry ice into rodent burrows in parks or other green spaces to suffocate the rats.

Pesticide Applicators are seeing a 30% increase in requests for rat extermination services in many big cities across the U.S. Considering rats have come out on top for thousands of years it sounds like applicators will be in business for many years to come.


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