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This Week’s Course Spotlight: Estimating and Bidding for Success

Architects Training Institute is excited to share with you our featured course of the week! Our 7 hour Estimating and Bidding for Success was created by instructor Paul Acker. The bidding and estimating process is a crucial step in any project. Along with cover topics like Bidding and Estimating, Plan Reading and Guidelines for Estimating, Paul teaches the importance of structuring a bid that includes enough gross or clear profit to not only survive, but prosper.

Estimating and Bidding for Success

This course is an introduction to the construction estimating process. Although the course will be beneficial to junior estimators just entering in this field, it could also help architects, engineers and contractors become more familiar with how bids are prepared. The instructor explains the methods of construction delivery, different types of estimates, and the tools needed by the estimator to tender a bid. The ability to read and understand blueprints is also integral to the estimating process. Knowing how to apply and itemize costs for specific activities and materials, based on a set of plans and related professional resources, is key. The estimator who can visualize the project, and accurately determine its costs will become one of the most important persons in any construction company.

This course covers 4 main topics:

Bidding and Estimating: Students are taught how to recognize the features and advantages of at least five types of estimates. As well as outline a properly constructed estimate that will encompass all the necessary components required for a successful and profitable project.

Plan Reading: Students will learn about the various pages/drawings of a blueprint and recognize the symbols used in each. The instructor will also cover how to correctly formulate mathematical computations to measure materials required for a construction project.

Guidelines for Estimating: Students will be taught how to identify basic measurement standards and resources typically used in construction estimating. As well as learning how to Develop the skill required to apply production rates for various trades to reach an accurate estimate.

Head Shot of Instructor Paul AckerAbout The Instructor

Paul Acker started in the construction industry in 1973 beginning his career as a carpenter apprentice and working in the field for the next 24 years. Paul gained valuable experience in those 24 years before forming his own commercial construction company in1997. In 2001 Paul sold his company to Spence Brothers and continued to work for them. After a two-year semi-retirement, he returned to Spence Brothers and worked full time as an estimator and project manager until the end of 2013 when he retired again. In the fall of 2014, he taught a construction estimating class as an adjunct instructor for Northwest Michigan College.

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