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This Week’s Course Spotlight: Personal Safety and Self Defense

Real Estate Training Institute is proud to share our featured course of the week! Our 4-hour Personal Safety and Self Defense course is taught by instructor Preston Taylor. Part of a Realtors job is to meet strangers in isolated locations at odd hours of the day. They put themselves at risk every day (without realizing it) by doing “everyday” tasks that may seem harmless.

Personal Safety and Self Defense

This course is designed to provide important safety tips and precautions for personal safety in the workplace. This is especially true for real estate professionals as they are very often in situations that expose them to unknown situations, with unknown persons. It is important to understand the legal environment surrounding self-defense and the physical limitations that can be a factor for each individual. There are key “Rules of Engagement” that help those who work with the public to recognize and avoid dangerous situations. If a confrontation does occur, the instructor outlines and demonstrates the best and most practical ways to respond to and reduce potential harm. This program offers self-defense techniques from the stand-up position using easy and effective gross motor skills, to ground defense and ground avoidance (rape prevention).

This course covers 5 main topics:

Legal Environment: This section covers your legal rights, what you can and cannot do in a situation. You do have the right to defend yourself against an assault. A common sense approach to self-defense is that avoidance is one of the best ways to insure your safety.

Physical Limitations: This section covers the 11 rules of engagement as well as what happens to our body, without our consent, when suddenly attacked. Freeze, Flight, or Fight.

Safety Is Your Responsibility: This section covers the importance of the three R’s: Recognize, Respond, and Reduce.

Safety and Real Estate Showings: This section covers the importance and awareness of liability for the client, the Realtor, and material items in the home.

Self Defense Tactics: This section covers three methods of defense when force is the last resort.

About the InstructorPreston Taylor personal safety instructor profile picture

Personal Safety and Self Defense instructor, Preston Taylor (PT) has worked in law enforcement for over 20 years, He is a Sergeant for the Grand Traverse County Sheriff Department. He has been a Police Academy Instructor, and a Defensive Tactics Instructor for over 15 years. Preston Taylor has also been a speaker/trainer for the National Association of Realtors and the Michigan Association of Realtors. Outside of working as a Sergeant, Preston Taylor is an instructor with the Grand Traverse Personal Protection. He works to facilitate comprehensive Women’s Self Defense Programs and has established all training programs and conduct training sessions to women through individual and group lessons; i.e., private setting, offices, through organizations, at health clubs, etc.

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