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To Sell or Not To Sell…

Some people feel that winter is a bleak time for the real estate market, but if you do it right, it can be a great time to sell your home. Cold weather, slippery roads, ice, and snow make for a dreary 5-6 months. Spring is thought to be the prime time for home sales while winter is filled with holiday festivities and keeping warm. But if you list and show your house right, you can use the winter months, and even holidays, to your advantage.

Buyers are Serious this Time of Year

The end of the year is a prime time for job transfers and relocation. As soon as people find their new locations, the house hunt begins. These people are going to need a house as soon as possible and will be shopping during the Holidays. These particular buyers don’t have the option to wait until spring, so having your house on the market at this time can get your home sold quickly.

That Cozy Atmosphere

One thing that I love this time of year, is having an excuse to sit in front of the fireplace with a fluffy blanket and a good book. Creating this same comfy vibe for prospective home buyers can be a great advantage when selling your home. Buyers will be coming into your house, walking around imagining themselves sitting in that very chair by that warm fireplace.

  • Turn up the heat and light all fireplaces in your home.

  • Put a pie or other baked goods in the oven for that homey aroma.

  • Clear all snow and ice from driveways and walkways.

According to Investopedia “…buyers tend to be more emotional during the holidays and will make decisions based on the feeling a house conjures up.” As a homeowner, it is your job to create that homey environment and evoke the buyer’s emotions during their walk through.

To Sum it all up

More often than not, people hesitate to list their homes during the holiday and winter months. No one truly wants to list their home and have it sit for months at a time, nor do they want to lower the price. Homeowners who sell during this time are more likely to have less competition, more serious buyers, and quicker sales. Selling your home in the winter also creates a fun opportunity for homeowners. Decorate your home for the season. Create a cozy and warm environment that brings out the warmth and wallet of your buyers.



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