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Pepperspray Self-Defense

Tools for Self Defense

Self-Defense instructor, PT Taylor breaks down popular tools for self-defense and legal issues that come with each.

Firearms. They are not for everyone. It is a huge responsibility! Make no mistake; your life will be completely altered once you use deadly force. If you do decide to use a handgun, find a gun store you trust, and that you can rent or practice with the gun. Try before you buy! Make sure the gun fits you! Make sure you are well trained. If you do find you have to use a firearm as a form of defense, be prepared for a legal investigation. It is probably best to seek legal counsel.

Pepper Spray. Pepper spray is considered an intermediate weapon, therefore you must be justified in order to use it. Be sure to research and purchase a quality product. A stream pattern is best for outdoor use. It has a longer range of dispersion and is less likely to be disrupted by the wind. You will know right away if it is working. Remember, no method of defense is 100% effective. Around 15% of the population will not be affected. The primary advantage of pepper spray is that no one will be permanently injured. You will, however, feel the effect as some product will blow back on you. Be sure to keep and carry the spray someplace it will be available. Keep the product out of extreme heat or cold. Pay attention to expiration dates.

Stun Guns Electronic Conducting Device (ECD). There are two methods of deployment:

  • Touch: very painful, but the pain is gone when the device is removed from the skin. It does not incapacitate the assailant.
  • Probe: sends out a fish hook type probe. These will stop an assailant in their tracks, but not knock them out.

You must have a permit to use an ECD. Finally, it is not recommended to use both pepper spray and an ECD. Pepper spray is highly flammable, and there is a chance of setting the assailant on fire.


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