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Trust Me, You Are Going To Want An ECD!

What would you do if you found yourself in a situation where you needed to defend yourself against an attacker?  Would you be prepared to fight or would you flounder? If you're like me, you've already visualized various scenarios and how you'd handle them. Look in your car or purse, do you have the means to thwart an attack if necessary?  Have you thought about getting a Stun Gun?  Trust me, you're going to want an ECD!  While a stun gun may not be for everyone, I'm going to tell you just about everything you need to know to help you make the right decision for you. 
What is a Stun Gun?
A Stun Gun (also known as an Electronic Conducting Device (ECD) is an electrical self-defense device designed to use high voltage to stop an attacker. There are metal prongs located at the tip which send an electric shock that quickly immobilizes the attacker. Stun guns are designed to key into the nervous system and send high pulse frequencies that stimulate the muscles to work very rapidly, but not efficiently. It depletes blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid within seconds, resulting in energy loss and difficulty of movement. The
 attacker becomes disoriented and confused, they are rendered passive for several minutes, allowing you precious time to escape. Just in case you were wondering, there is no significant effect on the heart or other vital organs. 


How long does it take to immobilize a would-be attacker?

  • One-half second of contact will repel and startle an attacker, causing pain and muscle contraction. He will usually let go at this point allowing you to run away.
  • One to two seconds can cause muscle spasms and a dazed mental state.
  • Over three seconds can cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion, and disorientation. (Keep in mind that 3 seconds is an awfully long time when you are in a physical struggle.)


Will I get shocked if my attacker is touching me when I use it?

No, you will not get shocked, even if you and your attacker are wet or standing in water.


Will it still shock my attacker through a shirt or jeans?

Yes, they are designed to be effective even if used in an area that is covered by fabric. 

Do I need a special license or permit to own a Stun Gun?
It would be a good idea to investigate whether or not there are any restrictions in your State, for example, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, and Hawaii are states where they are restricted.  Check with your local police department. 
If I have Pepper Spray and a Stun Gun, can I use both at the same time?
It is not recommended to use both. Pepper spray is highly flammable, and there is a chance of setting the assailant on fire. 
What type of device is right for me?
There are dozens of options when choosing your device. Stun Guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as voltage options. They can be disguised as a lipstick, flashlight, cell phone, canes and walking sticks to name just a few. Just do a Google search and you'll have no trouble finding the one that suits your particular needs. 

Once you've purchased the Stun Gun of your dreams, here is a 3 step lesson on how to use it.

  • Lesson One: have the weapon out and in your hand in any situation where you could be an easy target. I'm not saying to walk around Wal-Mart with a stun gun in your hand while you shop, but criminals look for easy targets or opportunities. If you're walking through the mall parking lot, a parking garage or alone, in general, you're a pretty easy target. If you're walking in these same areas with a weapon in your hand, the criminal is going to find someone else. Nobody wants a huge scene when they're trying to rob, attack or rape you.


  • Lesson Two: if you are attacked, pick a large muscle group to stun. The chest, the stomach, obviously the groin, the thighs and the back are ideal places to stun an attacker. These large muscle groups will bring down an attacker very quickly. Now, you don't have all day to make a decision, so if the face or neck is the closest body part you can reach, well, then it's just not his lucky day. Also, the longer you hold it on someone, the longer and more effective the stunning will be. One to two seconds will get their attention. Three to five seconds will get their attention, most likely drop them to the ground and leave them confused.


  • Lesson Three: take quick but detailed mental notes of the attacker and then RUN! Go get help immediately. If you've stunned the guy long enough to drop him to the ground, chances are it'll take some time for him to run off. And even if he does, you should have some details to give to the police. Oh and be sure to even call the police. Some people figure that if the guy runs off, it's too late. It's not. The guy with a few screws loose that just attacked you will do it again. And if you don't report it, then we can't warn others. And the next person may not be as prepared as you.


Now that you've learned a thing or two about stun guns, I hope you never find it necessary to use one.  Always be aware of your surroundings, educate yourself by taking a class on Personal Safety and Self Defense.   Always trust your instincts, if your gut tells you something isn't right, get out quickly.

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