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Updated Journeyman Exam Prep – Online in HD Video

New Plumber Course: Updated 2018 Michigan Journeyman Plumber Exam Prep in HD Video

This course will review plumbing laws and regulations, general concepts of venting and drainage, and some specific code items. There will also be valuable hands-on exercises and a review of construction math. Not only will you be prepared to take the state exam, but you will also leave with tools to use in the field, helping you to be more efficient in what you do. Specifically, this course will cover the 2015 Michigan Plumbing Code, Skilled Trades Act PA 407, and Public Act 230 of 1972. The course will provide test-taking tricks on how to navigate the code book quickly and efficiently.

Steps to Obtaining a Michigan Journeyman Plumber License

  1. Have at least 6,000 hours of experience gained over no less than 3 years as a registered apprentice in the practical installation of plumbing.
  2. Complete a $100 Application for Journey Plumber Examination – More information found here.
    Once your application is approved a third party testing agency (PSI) will contact you with instructions to schedule your exam. Exam fees must be paid to PSI when scheduling the exam.
  3. Pass the $100 exam
  4. Pay the $40 Journeyman plumber license fee

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