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Using Drones for Real Estate Marketing Part II

This is a snippet from Drones in Real Estate, an online HD Video course available for real estate continuing education credit in several states. Select your state to see if this course is approved for continuing education.

PART 2 OF 3 | Read Part 1

The potential of drones has been recognized in the real estate industry, and more people prefer to use drones for commercial purposes, specifically those in the real estate marketing business. This is chiefly because drones can be used to capture stunning images of properties for use in property listings, hence making it easier to sell or earn some popularity in the market. Drones use groundbreaking technology to allow for an innovative new way to market a property.

Just imagine viewing a new property through aerial footage. Wouldn't it be beautiful? Think about the endless marketing possibilities for this type of videography and photography. A drone can easily be equipped with a high-resolution camera enabling it to capture still images and shoot video that was previously incredibly difficult to be obtained. Consequently, this will allow potential buyers to view the photos or video to get a feeling for the size and layout, the architecture and the land of the home.

Some caution must be considered though when approaching a listing to shoot. The neighbors need to be made aware of your intent to fly if they are relatively close. All of our flight operations were met with positive attitude, some curious and others will ask if they can watch you operate. It gives you a chance to explore the positive side of drone operations with those that aren’t sure of this new emerging technology.

  • 85% of buyers/sellers want an agent who has video marketing
  • 15% of agents have a video presence
  • One video is equal to 1.8 million words
  • One video is equal to 3,600 web pages of text
  • 80% of viewers will remember it
  • Success in videos relies on creative production


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