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Drones in Real Estate

Using Drones for Real Estate Marketing

This is a snippet from Drones in Real Estate, an online HD Video course available for real estate continuing education credit in several states. Select your state to see if this course is approved for continuing education.

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When it comes to real estate, a video has been shown to attract sellers AND buyers, boost listings and increase sales. Video promotions are highly sought, and you’ve no doubt noticed that video results are appearing along with text-based results when you search for anything in Google or other search engines these days. But not all videos are the same!

The most effective videos are the ones that evoke emotion. Creating that sense of belonging. Visualizing their family living in that home, spending time together entertaining friends, children playing in the den or taking in some sun on the beach.

Many real estate agents have obtained aerial photography using airplanes and helicopters, which can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per flight and limit the number of properties you can afford to shoot. Drones can significantly cut the cost of shooting elevated imagery. Viable models start at a few hundred dollars, and camera attachments are moderately priced and enable you to use their aerial footage on many more listings, regardless of price range.

Depending on your equipment setup, drones can shoot stills, video or both. You can edit and share the video using a number of tools and without extensive experience or expertise. Drone operation mostly requires a steady hand and a cool head. There's no need to hire a professional pilot. And even if you do choose to outsource your drone photography, it might still be less expensive than hiring an airplane or helicopter.

Homeowners want to be represented by agents that present their property in the best way to get top dollar. Buyers love to watch and connect with high-quality video. When you provide quality services, you can expect better exposure and ROI for the agent AND the property. Drones make aerial imagery affordable.


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