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Wayde Hoppe: Successful Building Design Part 1

Developers of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings are driven by return on investment.  Today’s building owners are savvy and they seek to balance the initial cost with the payback.  Functionality, aesthetics and methods of code compliance are each guided by financial investment and return.  In this course you will learn, from the foundation to the roof, from the appearance to the operation, from construction to maintenance, tried and proven methods for analyzing design decisions that will lead you to a greater reputation as a designer.

Architects Training Institute has created a design course for building design that will assist you through all of the ins-and-outs of building development.  The course integrates audio, video and written text for an enriching experience.

We have partnered with Architect and Instructor Wayde Hoppe to produce an online continuing education course that will cover the following topics:

  •  Building types, Programming and Budgeting: property owners often yearn for assistance in defining the best purpose for their land, the best use of the floor area and the best way to invest their dollars.
  • The Ideal Building Size: the optimum building size is found through an iterative process, balancing site constraints against budget expectations, eventually arriving at the building floor area that will maximize the clients return on investment.
  • Code analysis including Classification and Type: building codes will drive numerous decisions including the allowable size of the building, the allowable height of the building, material selections and floor plan layout.
  • Site evaluation: we have written a companion lesson on site evaluation. Take time to understand how the building design and the site design are each dependent upon the other.
  • Selecting Consultants and Defining the Structural System: as the building designer you will need to assemble a competent team of professionals that help you to deliver a quality service for a fair fee. These same professionals will play a pivotal role in essential decisions such as structural systems.
  • Creating an Envelope and Floor Plate: the interaction between the floor plate and the envelope is like a dance; each must respond to the other reflecting decisions about materials, circulation and building use.
  • HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Systems: Buildings are not just boxes. We expect mechanical and electrical systems that make our lives comfortable.  These systems are often complex and require forethought.
  • Specialty Materials, Functions and Specialty Design Services: Most designers shy away from specialty materials and functions and the associated design services. However, this can be a lucrative source of income if properly understood.

head-shot-of-instructor-wayde-hoppe About the Instructor

Architect and Instructor Wayde Hoppe has been a licensed architect for nearly 27 years and has been working in the design and construction industry since 1982.  He has also been a principal and owner of two separate architectural firms.

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