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Man weatherproofing window on industrial building

Weatherization in Architecture

The simple definition of “Weatherization” is: to make a building better protected against weather. Weatherproofing a building is extremely important for any climate. You are insulating the structure for weather from hot to cold and all that lies between. The components of a building system, their performance requirements, and how those features must be integrated to prevent building envelope failure, is critical in modern structural design.

Architects Training Institute has created 3 online courses that count towards continued education for all Architects. These courses will identify factors that contribute to exterior shell failure and explore practical solutions that will preserve the integrity of the building envelope.

Envelope Failure: A Better Weatherization Design: This 3-hour online video course identifying how a properly constructed building envelope will keep out weather related moisture and stop uncontrolled movement of energy due to loss of conditioned air.

Weatherization and Energy Efficient Building: This 4-hour online course will help professionals identify important considerations in weatherization and energy efficiency and then apply those principles to a specific project.

Weatherization and Renewable Energy: This 6-hour course will explore factors that contribute to exterior shell failure, and identify practical solutions that will preserve the integrity of the building envelope and add to the buildings efficiency.

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