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What do Golf Course Managers and Parks and Recreation Groundskeepers Have in Common?

They both need Turfgrass Pest Management certification!

If you’re thinking of a career in either of the aforementioned professions, you’ll want to begin by taking a comprehensive exam prep course to help you learn everything you’ll need to know to pass the Turfgrass Pest Management Exam.

To pass the exam and be successful in your business you’ll need to know the best cultural practices for growing a healthy turf, how to accurately measure your treatment area, how to calibrate your equipment to stay within label rates, how to accurately identify damage caused by diseases, insects and vertebrate pests, and all the federal and state regulations pertaining to pesticide applications! That’s a lot of information to learn!

Fear not! Our on-staff horticulturist and certified applicator has taken all the guesswork out of the process by compiling this video exam prep course. With over 300 practice questions – including photo identification questions to help you learn to identify those pesky weeds – this course will provide you with all the tools you need to pass your exam and be successful in your career.

Busy schedule? No problem! You can take the course anytime, anywhere 24/7 from your smartphone or mobile device.  Just click on the "Start Now" button below.

Turfgrass Pest Management | Exam Prep

State-approved video courses available 24/7

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