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Electrician using technology to monitor electrical box

What Do I Need to Know to Renew My Oregon Electrician’s License?

Electricians in the state of Oregon are required to complete approved electrical continuing education before each license renewal. During each three-year period, all licensees shall complete required hours of approved continuing education of which 2 to 12 hours must be on Code Changes, 2 to 8 must be Code related and remaining on Oregon Rule & Law (number of hours vary by license type).

How do I renew my electrician’s license?

  • Step #1: Complete the mandatory continuing education that your license requires.
  • Step #2: You will receive a renewal notice in the mail six weeks before your license expiration date. Complete this renewal form and include the renewal fee and send this in to the State of Oregon to renew your license.

Does Oregon have reciprocity for electrical licenses from other states?

Oregon has reciprocity for certain licenses from the following states:

General Journeyman Electricians:

  • Arkansas
  • Idaho
  • Maine
  • Montana
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

General Supervising Electrician (S) (Masters):

  • Arkansas
  • Utah

You may reciprocate the above licenses if you have:

  1. An equivalent or higher license from the reciprocal state that is current and active with no violations or conditions attached within the past three years
  2. Qualified for the licensing exam in the reciprocal state through required work experience
  3. Passed the licensing exam in the reciprocal state with a score of 75 percent or better
  4. Worked a minimum of six months (1,000 hours) under the license from the reciprocal state
  5. Not failed the Oregon licensing examination for the license type you are reciprocating within the past two years.

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