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Spy or Realtor

What Do Real Estate Agents and International Spies Have in Common?

They’re all at risk of potential attack at or near their workplace. Not only are these professionals at risk, but Hotel, Restaurant, In-home Nurses and anyone working in an industry in which you must deal with strangers.

If you are an employer or currently employed by one of the aforementioned businesses or industries, you should be aware of the hidden dangers of your profession.

You may not require the intensive training of an International Spy, but you do need to be aware of potentially dangerous situations and how to best deal with a physical attack.

How many of you find yourself alone with a client, deal with an angry customer, or walking through an empty parking lot at night to reach your vehicle? Are you capable of defending yourself if necessary?

Spending a few hours learning proper personal protection skills is not only an investment in your safety, but that of your company as well.

Online courses make it easy and affordable to give the gift of Personal Safety and Self Defense to yourself and your employees. Learn life-saving techniques in the comfort of your own home or office.

In one 4-hour Personal Safety and Self Defense course and you’ll understand the need to increase your knowledge of proper Self Defense Practices, the “Rules of Engagement” and how to best avoid dangerous situations. This online course offers self-defense tactics from the stand-up position utilizing gross motor skill (easy but effective) techniques as well as ground defense and ground avoidance (rape prevention) tactics which can be used anywhere in any situation.

So take a few hours to invest in the safety of yourself and staff today! It’s Fast, Easy and Affordable!


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