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WPS Training

What is WPS and Why is it Important to Pennsylvania?

What does "WPS" mean?

WPS stands for Worker Protection Standard. Enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency, the WPS protects the health and safety of agricultural workers. The goal of WPS is to reduce injury and health risks for people who work with pesticides.

What is the Worker Protection Standard?

WPS requires employers to provide pesticide training that covers the following topics:

  • Pesticide product safety
    • Reading labels
    • Following directions
  • Pesticide application
    • Best health practices during application
    • Restricted Entry Intervals training
    • Posting signage to protect workers from entering areas that have been recently sprayed
  • Use of protective equipment
  • Pesticide handling
  • Decontamination practices

Who needs to comply with the WPS? 

  • Employers at Agricultural or commercial business that handle pesticides, including farms, forests, nurseries, and greenhouses.
  • Employers at Agricultural or commercial business with agricultural workers who work in places sprayed with pesticides within the last 30 days or have high-contact agricultural tasks like weeding, moving irrigation equipment, pruning, and harvesting.

What must I do to comply with the WPS?

You can complete WPS training for all of your employees using an EPA-approved video course.

Certified Training Institute's program comes in English and Spanish and complies with all EPA requirements. The package also presents, tracks and organizes all worker training and documentation.

Upon completion of the video course, employers must also provide access to specific information including:

  • Applications on the establishment
  • Safety data sheets for pesticides applied
  • Poster displays with pesticide safety and emergency information

The online video course breaks down how to do it all. This program makes WPS compliance easy and straightforward. No more worrying about scheduling training, organizing logistics, or tracking records and paperwork, this system does it all. For more information on how you can train your employees, click here.

What happens if I do not comply with WPS?

Worker Protection Standard enforcement has not been widely advertised, however, the repercussions are steep and costly. Training your staff before a problem occurs is a preventative measure that will help you avoid costly lawsuits, medical bills, fines, and save your business’s reputation. Check out this 2 part article for more information "What happens if I don't comply with WPS?"  A farm in Hawaii found out the hard way and was fined a $26,700 penalty for non-compliance.  Don't let this be you!

Do You Employ Workers and Handlers? 

Visit for online, EPA approved, video Worker Protection Standard training programs in English and Spanish.

Online Worker Protection Safety Training (WPS)
Train your workers in Spanish and English!

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