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What to Know Before You Work Around Lead Paint

Educate Owners and Residents

As a contractor/painter who works on homes or buildings built pre-1978, it is important to ask questions at the beginning of each job. Asking questions will help you establish whether the job is covered by the RRP Rule and/or the HUD Rules, and what requirements may apply.

The Pre-Renovation Education RuleRenovate Right Pamphlet Cover

When working in homes, common areas, and child-occupied facilities that are pre-1978, Renovators must adhere to the Pre-Renovation Education Rule. No more than 60 days before beginning a renovation, Certified Renovation Firms must distribute the “Renovate Right” pamphlet to the owners and residents. Firms are also required to keep documentation proof that they mailed a Renovate Right pamphlet out. This can be done by emailing, mailing, or handing out the pamphlet.

Under the RRP Rule, Certified Firms MUST:

  • Let parents/guardians of children using a child-occupied facility know about the renovation and how to get a copy of the Renovate Right
  • Get confirmation of receipt of the Renovate Right pamphlet from owners, or evidence that the pamphlet was delivered to tenants/residents.
  • Keep all records for at least 3 years.
  • There are many other regulations for Contractors, see below for information to learn more.

NOTE: To obtain copies of the Renovate Right pamphlet visit the EPA website at, or contact the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD (5323).

Who needs a Lead Paint Renovator Certification?

Sample BLTI Certificate of Completion for Lead Paint Anyone who works on pre-1978 homes or child-occupied facilities must be certified as a Lead Paint Renovator. This includes Contractors, property managers, janitors, handymen, landlords, etc…Anyone who is doing work on a pre-1978 home for compensation must have a lead paint certification. Compensation can be a direct payment, rent, or any other form of currency exchange. The Builders License Training Institute offers a Lead Paint Safety Initial Certification class. Click here for a class scheduled near you.

For contractors and individuals, currently certified as a Lead Paint Renovator, we now offer the 4-hour (RRP) refresher course online! Now you are able to take the refresher course online at your own convenience without the hassle of driving for a half day class! The Lead Paint certificate for the 4-hour RRP online refresher course is valid for 3 years.

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