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Plumber Snake

What’s the Weirdest thing You’ve Pulled Out of a Drain?

Photo by: Walter Siegmund

Every plumber has a story about the inappropriate things they've found in a homeowner's drain. Here are a few of the strangest we've found.

  1. A head of lettuce clogging a washing machine pump. Turns out the homeowner thought they could use their washer as a salad spinner.
  2. An entire bedspread was found while doing a drain cleaning. The plumbers have no idea how that happened.
  3. One plumbing company received a call to the college student housing facility because feces was coming out of the shower. When they cleared the drain they found an intact beer bottle in the shower pipe. Again, how did this happen?
  4. Finally, a plumber in California found a set of upper and lower dentures while trying to fix a toilet clog. They discovered the homeowner had lost them after drinking a bit too much and getting sick the day before.

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