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Self Defense For You

Whether its Work or Play, Safety is YOUR responsibility!

Safety is Your Responsibility

Ultimately, we are responsible for our own safety at any given time.  Personal Safety and Self Defense instructor Preston "PT" Taylor offers food for thought regarding our own personal safety for work and play. Here are a few things to remember in any situation. 

While at Work

Your clothing and shoes should afford free movement and the ability to run/fight if need be. Be sure to always have a plan! And, someone should always be expecting you! Make an agreement with a co-worker, friend, or spouse to call when you leave the event. Have a plan instated for if they do not hear from you.

  • Use your cell phone as a tool, have it accessible.
  • Never allow a client to be at your back.
  • Familiarize yourself with the layout of the house: never let the client put themselves between you and the exit.
  • Position your car that allows for fast and easy escape.
  • Know your location!
  • Avoid basements, cellars, closets, even  upstairs.

While at Play

Have forethought in your plans. Make smart decisions and exercise common sense and use good judgment. Trust your gut, if a situation doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Don’t do anything that would put your career at risk, remember that your personal life can and does influence your professional life.Be aware of your image through social media, interactions, and advertisements. Know that drinking and drug use can be an occupational hazard.

In the Event of a Physical Confrontation

  • Try to maintain distance.
  • Know your vulnerability.
  • NEVER let them take you anywhere!
  • Conserve energy, remain calm and continually seek a way out.


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