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Wisconsin Architect Continuing Education

Wisconsin Architects, It’s Time to Renew!

When is my Wisconsin architect license due for renewal?

July 31st of even-numbered years.

What are the Wisconsin architect renewal requirements?

 Architects in Wisconsin are required to complete 24-hours of continuing education including 16-hours in HSW subjects.

How do I renew my Wisconsin architect license?

  1. Complete 24-hours of continuing education including 16-Hours in HSW subjects.
  2. Use the renewal form sent to you by the state.

Do I need to complete continuing education for my AIA membership?

Yes, AIA members must complete 18 learning unit hours including 12 hours of HSW each year.

Who notifies Wisconsin of my architect continuing education?

The licensee must notify the state. Architects Training Institute will provide a printable certificate upon course completion and store your continuing education records for 6-years.

***AIA Members must provide a member number in order for certificate completions to be submitted to the AIA.***

Note for New License Holders in their First Licensing Biennium Only:

You are required to complete 8 hours of continuing education during your first renewal and your license was issued between 6/2/2016 and 7/31/2017.  If your license was issued on or after 8/1/2017, you are not required to complete continuing education. This pro-rated continuing education requirement applies only to your first license cycle. 

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