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Wisconsin Architects, T-Minus 42 Days Until Your Renewal Deadline

Architects in the state of Wisconsin are required to complete 24 hours of approved continued education every two years. 16 of those hours must be on approved Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) topics. To renew your license for the first time, you are required to complete 8 hours of continuing education if your license was issued on or before 7/31/2015.  If your license was issued on or after 8/1/2015, you are not required to complete continuing education.

How do I renew my Wisconsin architects license?

Renewal Requirements: 

  • Pay Renewal Fee: (See Renewal Dates and Fees)
  • SIG: Signature regarding the completion of Continuing Education, included in on-line renewal and paper form (see Wisconsin’s State Continuing Education Information for details).
  • If your legal status as a qualified alien or nonimmigrant lawfully present in the United States has changed since the issuance of your credential or your last renewal, please contact the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services at 608-266-2112

Renewal Methods

  • On-line log in here: License Renewal Online
  • Request a Paper Renewal Form:  888?506?4239 or 608?261?4460 for the Madison area

Where Can I Take Continued Education Courses?

Along with individual AIA approved courses Architects Training Institute has created 4 different course packages specifically for Architects in Wisconsin. These packages range from 8-HRs to 24-HRs and are approved for license renewal.

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