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Wisconsin Classes For Building Inspectors & Dwelling Contractors

Classes to Obtain a Dwelling Contractor Certification

The first step in obtaining a Dwelling Contractor Certification is completing a 12-hour Wisconsin approved course. Builders License Training Institute offers this course online for only $95 or as a hard copy book for $135. Individuals who choose to complete the course online will have instant 24/7 online access from any internet capable device. Individuals who choose the hard copy version must wait until the course arrives in the mail to begin. Once the course is completed, they are required to send the book back to the Builders License Training Institute for grading. After finishing the 12-hour course contractors must complete two applications - Dwelling Contractor & Dwelling Contractor Qualifier.

Dwelling Contractor Continuing Education

Dwelling Contractors must renew their license every two years by the anniversary of licensure. In order to renew, contractors must complete 12-hours of approved continuing education. Builders License Training Institute also offers this course online or as a hard copy book to be completed and mailed in for grading.

Commercial Building Inspector Continuing Education

Building Inspectors must complete 24 hours of continuing education annually by June 30th. Builders License Training Institute offers 12-hours Wisconsin approved online building inspector continuing education.

Why Choose Builders License Training Institute for your Wisconsin initial certification & continuing education needs?

Builders License Training Institute courses are available in HD video, full narration, or printable text, meaning your classes can be catered to your unique learning style. Online classes are available 24/7 from any internet capable device with the benefit of our team of licensing experts to walk you through any issues you may have.


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