How do I become a certified Delaware pesticide applicator?

Private applicators must pass the core exam.

Commercial applicators must pass the core exam and category exams.

Exams are administered about every 45 days at the

Agriculture Education Building
644 Fairgrounds Rd
Harrington, DE 19952

Does the state of Delaware offer reciprocity with other states for pesticide applicators?

Yes! Delaware reciprocates with Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia

What are the continuing education requirements for Delaware pesticide applicators?

Commercial Applicators
1A Agricultural - 8 Hours
1B Agricultural Animal - 4 Hours
1C Fumigation of Soils/Ag Commodities - 4 Hours
02 Forest - 4 Hours
03 Ornamental & Turf - 8 Hours
04 Seed Treatment - 2 Hours
5A Aquatic - 4 Hours
5B Antifouling Paint - 0 Hours
06 Right-of-Way - 4 Hours

Industrial, Institutional, Structural & Health Related
7A General Pest Control - 18 Hours
7B Wood Destroying Pest Control - 18 Hours
7C Fumigation (Non-Agricultural) - 4 Hours
7D Wood Preservatives - 4 Hours
7E Institutional Maintenance - 18 Hours
7F Cooling Towers - 4 Hours
7G Miscellaneous - 4 Hours
08 Public Health - 4 Hours
09 Regulatory - 4 Hours
10 Demonstration and Research - 8 Hours

What experience is required to obtain a Delaware pesticide applicator license?

You must have a minimum of two-years practical experience under the supervision of a certified applicator within the past three years.

Are your courses state-approved?

Yes! All of our courses are approved by the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

Who submits my pesticide applicator continuing education to Delaware?

Upon completion of your course(s), Certified Training Institute will submit your completed credits to the state for you.

How do I renew my Delaware pesticide applicator license?

Notices for renewal are e-mailed and/or mailed out by no later than October 1 of each year. License renewals received after January 1 incur a late penalty fee of 20%.

What classifications of pesticide applicator does Delaware have?

Commercial Applicators
1A Agricultural
1B Agricultural Animal
1C Fumigation of Soils/Ag Commodities
02 Forest
03 Ornamental & Turf
04 Seed Treatment
5A Aquatic
5B Antifouling Paint
06 Right-of-Way

Industrial, Institutional, Structural & Health Related
7A General Pest Control
7B Wood Destroying Pest Control
7C Fumigation (Non-Agricultural)
7D Wood Preservatives
7E Institutional Maintenance
7F Cooling Towers
7G Miscellaneous
08 Public Health
09 Regulatory
10 Demonstration and Research