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Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education

Renewal Deadline:

Commercial, Public, and Non-Commercial Applicators must renew their certification annually by December 31st.
Private Applicators must renew their certification every five years by December 31st.

CE Requirements:

CE Requirements differ by license. See below for details.

State-approved Online Pesticide Courses

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Commercial Applicators – Need 4 CEU
Commercial Applicators with the 7D need 4 CEU and 4 termite CEU
Public Applicators need 4 CEU

Non-Commercial Applicators need 4 CEU
Private Applicators need 5 CEU


Annual Bluegrass Resistance Management | New Mexico 2022 Approval #00062P

1 credit: General (00), PRAP, PRRO
Annual bluegrass has historically been an important weed of many, if not most, commodity and specialty crops. The extensive reliance upon herbicides as the primary means of control has led to an almost overwhelming presence of herbicide resistance. This course will discuss the currently reported cases of annual bluegrass resistance to various herbicides and how to develop an effective herbicide program.
Certified Crop Advisors: 1 credit IPM

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Weed Control Weed Control

Antimicrobials | New Mexico 2022 Approval #00062Q

1 credit: General (00), PRAP, PRRO
Unlike most pesticides, antimicrobial pesticides can be found in a wide variety of places and are readily available to the public. Antimicrobial pesticides also have unique label requirements. This course will discuss antimicrobial pesticides, their properties, potential risks, and hazards of use.

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Microbial Microbial

Application Equipment and Calibration | New Mexico 2022 Approval #00062V

1 credit: General (00), PRAP, PRRO
When pesticide applications become necessary for good turf management, it's important to understand how the application equipment works and how to properly calibrate the equipment. This course will provide turf managers with an understanding of the most common types of equipment used for pesticide applications on turf and how to properly calibrate the equipment.
Certified Crop Advisors: 1 credit IPM

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Basics & Safety Basics & Safety

Aquatic Pest Management | New Mexico 2022 Approval #00062W

2 credits: 00, PRAP, PRRO
Aquatic ecosystems are extremely complex and fragile. This course covers the many aspects necessary for managing aquatic pests, from site evaluation and pest identification to pesticide application and treatment evaluation. Risk communication strategies are included, along with a variety of control methods in addition to aquatic pesticides.
Certified Crop Advisors: 2.5 credits Soil and Water Management

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Aquatic Aquatic
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