More Spotted Laternfly Spotted in South Jersey

On: August 7, 2020
After first appearing in New Jersey in 2018, the invasive spotted lanternfly continues to make its way into many South Jersey counties.

We’re Looking for Landscape Architect Instructors!

On: July 27, 2020
Certified Training Institute is looking for Landscape Architects to create and teach online courses that can be approved for continuing education requirements.

CTI Acquires New Jersey Business Registration Certificate

On: July 22, 2020
We are proud to announce the acquisition of a New Jersey Business Registration Certificate for pesticide training. Any public entities with employees that need training prior to the October 31st renewal deadline can now use Certified Training Institute’s online learning system.

Learn the Difference Between the Asian Giant Hornets and this Texas Native Species

On: July 20, 2020
This month, many Texas residents mistakenly believed they encountered the Asian giant “murder” hornet. In order to stave off any future bee-related backyard BBQ freakouts, researchers at Texas A&M ArgiLife have released important details regarding these recent “murder hornet” sightings.

Florida Continuing Education Deadline Update

On: July 16, 2020
Last week, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nicole Fried signed order 2020-022. Under this order, all continuing education late fees are waived through August 22, 2020 (instead of July 2nd).

Authorities Crack Down on Illegal Pesticide Trade in Europe

On: June 9, 2020
An investigation finds that the black market pesticide trade in Europe is a multi-million dollar illegal industry that carries big potential and low risk.

Washington State Entomologists Working to Eradicate Invasive Murder Hornets and Gypsy Moths

On: June 9, 2020
The Washington state governor issued an emergency proclamation last month, with plans to drop more than 655 gallons of insecticide.

Journalists Discover Tennessee Officials Distributed Facemasks Treated with Dangerous Pesticide

On: June 9, 2020
Investigative journalists discovered that Tennessee health officials gave out face masks treated with a potentially dangerous chemical.

India Phasing Out Use of Highly Toxic Pesticides

On: June 9, 2020
The Indian Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers is working to stop using toxic chemicals including pesticides and insecticides. Here's why they're dangerous...

India Mounts Massive Pesticide Attack on Destructive Locust Swarms

On: June 9, 2020
Locusts are coming to India after devastating villages in Africa and Pakistan. Now, officials are spraying pesticides spanning more than 100,000 acres.