New Hampshire Real Estate Renewal & CE

On: July 12, 2018
To renew your license go and follow instructions. Real Estate professionals must complete 15 hours, including 3 hours of Core, by the anniversary of licensure in two 2 year cycles.

Water Damage

Flo Technologies to Reimburse Homeowners for Water Damage

On: July 12, 2018
The CEO and co-founder of Flo Technologies, Gabriel Halimi,  says, "Water damage is the leading cause of preventable homeowners insurance claims every year, costing over $9 billion annually. We've analyzed the results from our diverse customer base and proved our initial hypothesis: The Flo System's proactive technology helps dramatically reduce the likelihood of water damage. With this data, we can now stand behind our customers in an unprecedented way."

Oregon Pesticide Rules To Surpass EPA Requirements

On: July 12, 2018
Beginning January 1, 2019 employers with employees who apply pesticides by spray to crops in Oregon are going to face a stricter set of rules designed to protect agricultural workers, pesticide applicators and others including their families.

Become A Licensed Michigan Builder Today!

On: July 12, 2018
Have you been dreaming of becoming your own boss? Well, now is the perfect time to do just that. Michigan builders are in short supply due to the lack of young people entering the trades, and seasoned contractors reaching their retirement years.

Massachusetts Architects – Ethics and Professional Development Online Course for License Renewal

On: July 12, 2018
Architects in Massachusetts are required to complete 12-hours of continuing education including 8-hours in HSW subjects annually by August 31st. AIA members are required to complete 18 learning unit hours including 12 HSW hours annually

Top 5 Plumbing Blogs

On: July 5, 2018
Want to stay in the know about issues that affect Plumbing professionals? Check out this list of the top 5 Blogs for Plumbers

13 Bald Eagles Lost to Illegal Pesticide Use

On: July 3, 2018
Details of a six-month investigation disclosed last week, show that the eagles died from ingesting a highly toxic pesticide banned in the United States. A necropsy report recently released confirmed all six died after ingesting carbofuran, a pesticide banned by the EPA beginning in the 1990s.

Architects Look Back to Move Forward

On: June 27, 2018
As thousands of AIA members gather in New York City for the 2018 AIA Conference on Architecture they are taking a look back to the turbulence surrounding the U.S. in 1968 and the effects still felt today in architecture firms across the nation.


Getting the Benefits of Daylighting from Electric Lighting

On: June 27, 2018
In an effort to replicate the effects of daylight, designers are now able to adjust electric lights to create specific colors and lighting temperatures. These lights are able to mimic natural daylight and work with our circadian cycles, bringing many of the same benefits found with natural lighting sources. 

FAA: New Drone Flight Restrictions

On: June 27, 2018
The Federal Aviation Administration announced that Drones will be prohibited from flying over federal prisons and Coast Guard facilities. The FAA flight restrictions take effect July 7, 2018, over 19 prisons and 10 Coast Guard facilities.