Americas 11 Best For Pests

On: September 14, 2018
We often think about all of the amazing places we wish to vacation or even make our homes. But have you ever thought about the creatures that may be hidden between the walls, under the bed or between the sheets?  Listed below you’ll find an informative, yet tongue-in-cheek reference guide to some of America’s top cities and the creepy crawly creatures you’ll likely find hidden within them.

Pesticide License Education

3 Major Classes of Biopesticides and Their Advantages

On: September 7, 2018
There are advantages to using biopesticides in that they are less toxic than conventional pesticides and generally affect only the target pest and closely related organisms.  In contrast, the use of conventional pesticides has been known to adversely affect other organisms such has insects, mammals and birds. Biopesticides are often effective in very small quantities and decompose quickly which results in lower exposures and an avoidance of pollution problems. They can often be used as a component of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, and can greatly reduce the use of conventional pesticides, yet still produce a high crop yield.

Plants in Distress: A Beacon for Birds

On: September 5, 2018
Researchers at the University of Delaware have recently found that agricultural plants send out sensory volatile cues that alert organisms in the area (such as birds) that they are in need of help. Previous research has shown that this occurs in ecosystems such as forests. These “signals” are sent when plants are under siege from insects. With a little Play-Doh and orange colored pins, they are seeing the potential for growers to defend their crops.

Spotted Lanternfly

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Issues Spotted Lanternfly Alert

On: August 29, 2018
The Spotted Lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula (White), an invasive planthopper, has been discovered in Berks and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania. It is native to China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and introduced to Japan and Korea where it has become a major pest of grapes. This insect has the potential to greatly impact the grape, hops and logging industries. Early detection is vital for the protection of Pennsylvania businesses and agriculture.

How Cyber Criminals Use Real Estate Transactions

On: August 24, 2018
Criminals are hacking into the email accounts of real estate agents or other persons involved in a real estate transaction and using information gained from the hack to dupe a party into a fraudulent wire transfer. The hackers often send an email that appears to be from an individual legitimately involved in the transaction, informing the recipient, often the buyer, that there has been a last-minute change to the wiring instructions. 

What To Do With A Bad Review

On: August 23, 2018
Avoid being defensive. It's natural to get hurt feelings or want to retaliate when someone speaks poorly of your business. Avoid this reaction. Instead, do a little research.

Did You Know About The EPA’s WPS “How To Comply” Manual?

On: August 23, 2018
The EPA has teamed up with the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC) and created a guide to help users of agricultural pesticides become compliant.

West Virginia Commercial Contractor

How to get a Commercial Contractor License in West Virginia

On: August 23, 2018
The State of West Virginia requires anyone who performs work for $2500 or more (total materials and labor) to have a West Virginia Contractors License. The Builders License Training Institute offers an excellent Commercial Contractor Exam Prep Course that will prepare you to take and pass the West Virginia NASCLA (Commercial) General Contractor Exam. We make it easy! The course is available 24/7 and sample quizzes and integrated slides are included throughout. You can study anywhere, anytime at your own pace. Take the course on your laptop or from any smartphone, tablet or mobile device.

Illinois Architects Continuing Education Requirements FAQs

On: August 23, 2018
What are the Illinois Continuing Education Guideline Requirements? Illinois architects must complete a minimum of 24 continuing education hours (CEHs) including 16-Hours in HSW subjects by November 30th of even-numbered years.

Spotted Lanternfly

Tree of Heaven Attracts Devilishly Destructive Spotted Lanternfly

On: August 15, 2018
The Spotted Lanternfly has made it's way to New Jersey from Pennsylvania and has made a home in its favorite habitat, the Tree of Heaven.