Master Plumber Instructor Opportunity

CTI Seeks Master Plumbing Instructor

On: May 24, 2018
Certified Training Institute is looking for a Master Plumber to join our successful online plumbing exam prep training & continuing education department. Online training is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, with more individuals and businesses choosing courses that will fit their busy schedules. This is a significant opportunity for a talented plumbing instructor.

Atlanta, Georgia: A Peach of a Housing Market

On: May 23, 2018
Atlanta’s rebirth comes during the return of the real estate market. The energy and excitement of down town are big attractions to outside investors. Institutions and companies that see the city’s promise and have made investments that build momentum are fueling the downtown sprawl.


Nevada NASCLA (Commercial) General Contractor License

On: May 23, 2018
Certified Training Institute offers an online narrated course that has been approved by the State of Nevada to get your NASCLA license. This course can be completed online at your convenience and on any device that is connected to the internet. We also have a dedicated staff to answer your questions and help with tech support. Visit our website at

3 Early American Architectural Treasures, Lost

On: May 23, 2018
Lost and gone forever, these three buildings were admired for their architectural beauty and often extravagantly appointed interiors.

Pesticide Labels and Labeling

On: May 23, 2018
The pesticide label is the main method of communication between a pesticide manufacturer and pesticide users. The information printed on and attached to the pesticide container is the label. By law, pesticide users are required to comply with all instructions and use directions found on the pesticide product label. Labeling includes the label itself plus all other information about the product referenced on the label and given when you buy the product. Pesticide labeling includes instructions on how to use the product safely and correctly.

To Flush or Not to Flush… The Benefits of Waterless Urinals

On: May 23, 2018
Waterless urinals are a good and cost-effective solution for most, but not all, sites. The choice of the waterless urinal is key because while all types of waterless urinals will obviously save the same amount of water, they have different implementation and running costs.

Drones Provide Safety during Ramadan

On: May 23, 2018
During Ramadan 2018 (16 May-14 June), security staff at the largest mosque in the world will be using drones to fly high above the throngs of pilgrims to ensure public safety.

3 Self-Defense Summer Reads

On: May 23, 2018
"What would you do if..."  If you're anything like me, you tend to think ahead, running scenarios in your mind about how you would handle any given situation, good or bad.

3 Myths We All Believe

On: May 17, 2018
Things that "never happen", happen somewhere all of the time

Washington Real Estate

The Washington State Housing Market: Northwest Explosion in 2018

On: May 17, 2018
According to the new forecast, both demand and pricing are on the rise for the state of Washington. In recent market research by Veros Real Estate Solutions, WA is the state to watch in 2018, especially Seattle as supply is exceedingly low and the population continues to grow.