Benefits of Online, Company-Wide WPS Training

Published on September 17, 2021 by Nate Bortz


You probably already know about the EPA’s worker protection standard (WPS) that requires you to provide annual safety training to your employees.

But did you know that there’s a way to train all of your employees at once without doing any paperwork? 

Certified Training Institute’s EPA-approved video training program provides everything your business needs to meet all safety requirements, all in one convenient package!

Benefits for Employers

Our WPS course program is completely online – which makes training your applicators much easier than classroom training. When you create a business account and purchase one of our WPS programs, you’ll never need to worry about scheduling in-person training, organizing travel logistics, or tracking records and paperwork again. Our system does it all for you!

Here are more WPS Program Benefits:

  • We handle all paperwork and provide the EPA required documentation
  • You can download certificates for your whole team as soon as they complete the course
  • The entire WPS program has video lectures that provide English and Spanish subtitles
  •  When you purchase the 2021 Unlimited WPS program, you can save money by reusing the course to train an unlimited amount of workers & handlers for a year

Why Use Online Training? 

Online training courses offer two major benefits for your business: they save you time and they save you money. 

Instead of taking up a half (or even a whole) day of work sending your employees to in-person classes, online courses give your crew the flexibility they need to finish their training without getting behind on any projects. 

And since our courses work on any device with an internet connection, your employees can finish a course no matter where they are.

Ready to get started? Click here to view our WPS course options and start training all your employees!