Renewal Deadline: 

  • Private Applicators - 5 years from the date of licensure - April 30th
  • Commercial Applicators - The balance of certification year plus 24 months - January 31st

Do I need continuing education credits to maintain my Wyoming pesticide applicators license?

Private applicator licenses must be renewed every 5 years on April 30th. To renew Private Applicators must complete one of these three steps:  

  1. Complete the Pesticide Applicator Certification Private Applicator Workbook
  2. Attend authorized training provided by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture or the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extensive Services.
  3. Complete online or paper examinations at one of the testing locations. Click here for information on our Exam Prep Course

Commercial applicator licenses are valid for the balance of the year of certification plus 24 months, and expire on January 31st. Applicators must pay the $25 fee and meet one of these requirements to renew:

  1. Obtain 24 hours of pesticide related courses or online credits.
  2. Retake exams for the categories in which you want to be renew


Are your courses state approved?

Yes! All of our courses are state approved. Approval numbers are listed after the course title.

How do I get my Wyoming pesticide applicator's license?

Private Applicators –

  • Step 1 – You must be at least 16 years of age
  • Step 2 - Applicants have three options:
  • Step 3 – Submit Application to Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA)
  • Step 4 – Submit proof of education (One of the following)
    • Workbook
    • Training
    • Exam
  • Step 5 – Obtain a Power of Attorney (for applicators with out of state addresses)

Commercial Applicators –

  • Step 1 - You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Step 2 – Complete application
  • Step 3 – Complete examination along with all supporting exams for pesticide categories. Click here for information on our Exam Prep Course!
What classifications of applicator's licensing does Wyoming have?

The Wyoming Department of Agriculture recognizes the following classification of applicator licensing:

  • Private – individuals who apply or supervise the application of any restricted use pesticide on agricultural commodities on property owned by the applicator or their employer.
  • Commercial – individuals who apply or supervise the application of pesticides on the property of another person.
What are the categories and subcategories for Wyoming pesticide licensing?

The State of Wyoming currently has 23 categories and subcategories for pesticide licensing. Applicators holding a commercial license will need to pass the core exam along with at least one of these specialties. Click here for more information about the categories.

901 A: Weed Control
901 B: Insect Control
901 C: Agricultural Pest Control
901 D: Animal
901 E: Rodent Control
901 F: Chemigation
902   : Forest Pest Control
903 A: Ornamental and Turf Pest Control: Weed Control
903 B: Ornamental and Turf Pest Control: Insect Control
903 C: Ornamental and Turf Pest Control: Disease Control
903 E: Ornamental and Turf Pest Control: Rodent Control
904   : Seed Treatments
905   : Aquatic Pest Control
906   : Right- of – Way Pest Control
907 X: Industrial, Institutional, Structural, and Health Related Pest Control
907 G: Industrial, Institutional, Structural, and Health Related Pest Control: Fumigation
907 H: Industrial, Institutional, Structural, and Health Related Pest Control: Bird Control
908   : Public Health Pest Control (Government Employees Only)
909 X: Regulatory Pest Control: General (government employees only)
909 E: Regulatory Pest Control: Rodent Control (government employees only)
909 H: Regulatory Pest Control:  Bird Control (government employees only)
909   I: Regulatory Pest Control: Vertebrate Pest Control (government employees only)
909 J:  Regulatory Pest Control: M-44 (government employees only)
909 K: Regulatory Pest Control: Livestock Protection Collar (government employees only)
910   : Demonstration and Research Pest Control
911 L:  Specific Use Pest Control: Wood Preservation and Wood Products Treatment
911 M: Specific Use Pest Control: Non-Government M-44
911 N: Specific Use Pest Control: Non-Government Livestock Protection Collar
911:O: Specific Use Pest Control: Non-Government Mosquito Control
911 P:  Specific Use Pest Control: Sewer Line Root Control
912   :  Aerial Application

Does the State of Wyoming offer reciprocity with other states?


Yes! Wyoming offers reciprocal licensing for commercial applicators in any state wishing to do business with Wyoming.  To receive a reciprocal license, you will need:

  • A letter of verification from your state department of agriculture. Letter may be faxed to (307) 777-6593 or mailed to:

Wyoming Department of Agriculture
Attn: Technical Services Division
2219 Carey Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82002

  • The state of Wyoming will then send you a packet with an applicator application, a power of attorney form note which must be notarized, and any other forms or notices that you may need.
  • Once forms are completed you will need to return the forms to WDA with a $25 license fee, a legible copy of your current applicator license, a certificate of your liability insurance.

Additional Information - Wyoming Applicator Page

Who submits my continuing education to the state?

Upon completion of your course(s), Certified Training Institute will submit your continuing education courses to the state for you.