Powered Industrial Trucks and Aerial Lifts | Safety

Powered Industrial Trucks and Aerial Lifts



1. Powered Industrial Trucks (55 Minutes) This video training program covers the basic use of powered industrial trucks (fork lifts), and includes specific requirements regarding proper operation, hazards, inspections and maintenance of these useful, but potentially dangerous vehicles in the workplace.

2. Aerial Work Platforms of Lifts (45 Minutes) This course highlights standards related certification, fall protection, safety hazards, operation and overall best practices for using aerial lifts or platforms.


Powered Industrial Trucks

Lesson 1

  • Certification and Training
  • What makes a fork lift different?
    • Weight
    • Steering
    • Tires
  • Inspections
  • Safe Travel Procedures
    • Right-of-way
    • Speed
    • Turns

Lesson 2

  • Parking
  • Tipovers
  • Stability Triangle
  • Visibility
  • Ramps and Loading Docks
  • Refueling
  • Picking up a Pallet

Aerial Work Platforms of Lifts

Lesson 1

  • Purpose and Types
  • Certification
  • Fall Protection
  • Energized Lines and other Hazards

Lesson 2

  • Inspections
    • Vehicle Components
    • Lift Components
  • Operating the Lift


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