Pesticide Emergency Management and Environmental Protection | West Virginia Approval #000YZG

Instructor: Sarah Racine

Safe pesticide use protects people and the environment from accidental exposure and pesticide emergencies. This one-credit course is approved by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture and explores the foundations of safe, legal pesticide application.

The safest way to use pesticides is to choose alternatives whenever possible. When a chemical pesticide is needed, prepare a management plan. Take steps to notify the public, account for possible dangers and post warning signs. Transport, mix and store pesticides safely in approved service containers.

Careful planning in chemical selection, equipment use, application techniques, cleanup, disposal, recordkeeping and liability will allow you to minimize risks and work safely.

This course covers effective emergency response for accidents like misapplications, leaks and spills. Exposure to skin, clothing, eyes and the respiratory system requires immediate first aid. You will be prepared to act quickly to contain emergencies.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

– Describe appropriate ways to handle and apply pesticides.
– Identify pesticide safety measures to protect people and the environment from pesticide exposure.
– Discuss effective equipment selection, safe application techniques and proper practices for cleanup and disposal.
– Explain how to handle pesticide emergencies such as leaks, spills and misapplications.
– Recognize different types of pesticide emergencies and corresponding first aid measures.