Review of Pesticide Use Hazard | West Virginia Approval 000YZH

Instructor: Sarah Racine

Approved by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, this course contains crucial training on the toxicity and hazards of pesticides. Pesticides are substances that can endanger humans, non-target organisms and the environment when used incorrectly.

Potential damage when applying pesticides includes human exposure, injury to pets, water contamination, phytotoxicity in plants and other effects on non-target organisms. This course contains information on recognizing pesticide exposure in humans and testing methods to determine animal toxicity.

All pesticides are categorized into one of three groups based on toxicity factors. They are also classified and designated based on the way they are used and the pests they are designed to control.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the hazards of human pesticide exposure and explain pesticide toxicity.
  • Minimize excessive pesticide exposure risk to pets, plants and the environment.
  • Describe various pesticide formulations and identify their characteristics.
  • Explain appropriate responses to pesticide accidents.