IPM Practices for Landscape Pest Management | Indiana Approval #000SRB

Instructor: Sarah Racine

Pesticide applicants in Indiana can take The Effective Pesticide Applications in Landscape and Turf Settings course to learn the advantages and factors to consider when creating an integrated pest management (IPM) program.

Pest management techniques in this course include augmentation, mechanical and cultural control, sanitation, and pesticide use. The course also provides information on liquid pesticide application equipment and calibration, as well as techniques for applying tree injection and implantation, granule pesticides, and baits/traps.

Other topics include maintaining pesticide application equipment and determining the amount of pesticide needed based on pesticide type and the size of the area.

By the end of this course, Indiana pesticide applicants will:

  • Know the types of pesticide application equipment used in landscape, turf, and interiorscape settings.
  • Understand the different pest management approaches that comprise an IPM.
  • Be able to explain how to utilize granule pesticides, tree injection and implantation and baits/traps.
  • Determine how to maintain and calibrate pesticide application equipment.