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Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education

Renewal Deadline: Applicators must renew their certification by June 30 every two years.

CE Requirements: Applicators must complete a recertification program.

State-approved Online Pesticide Courses

Category 3A - Ornamental Recertification Program | Virginia DACS Approval #22-23-005

Ornamental Recertification: 3A, 60
Pest management of ornamental plants involves multiple steps from growing a healthy plant that is more resistant to pest damage to correctly identifying the problem when present. This course will cover the most common pests of ornamental plants.

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Ornamental Ornamental

Category 3B - Turf Management Recertification Program | Virginia DACS Approval #22-24-005

Turf Management Recertification: 3B, 60
Integrated Pest Management of turfgrasses involves multiple steps; producing a healthy plant, correctly identifying the problem, recognizing that there will always be some pests and damage, and only using pesticides as a last resort. This course teaches the basics of pest and disease management for turfgrass, and the different tools and techniques needed to successfully provide your clients with a healthy and attractive turf stand.

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Turf Turf

Category 5A - Aquatic Pest Management Recertification Program | Virginia DACS Approval #22-05-004

Aquatic Pest Management Recertification: 5A, 60
Aquatic ecosystems are extremely complex and fragile. This course covers the many aspects necessary for managing aquatic pests, from site evaluation and pest identification to pesticide application and treatment evaluation. Risk communication strategies are included, along with a variety of control methods in addition to aquatic pesticides.

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Aquatic Aquatic

Category 6 - Right-of-Way Recertification Program | Virginia DACS Approval #22-06-005

Right-of-Way Recertification: 6, 60
Pest management in right-of-way situations can be a challenge. The economic thresholds are different in right-of-way situations compared to either a landscape setting or an agricultural setting. This course provides an overview of pests common to rights-of-way, management solutions, a look at the equipment commonly used to treat rights-of-way, and a review of calibration steps for that equipment.

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Right Of Way Right Of Way

Category 7A - General Structural Pest Management Recertification Program | Virginia DACS Approval #22-07-009

General Structural Pest Management Recertification: 7A, 60
As certified or licensed professionals we have legal responsibilities that we must fulfill in every job that we do. Not only do have to control pests, but we also have to do the paperwork and legwork that documents our applications. These are very important steps in the process of pest control, and following through is a must for any successful business.

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Structural Structural

Category 7B - Wood Destroying Pest Management Recertification Program | Virginia DACS Approval #22-13-007

Wood Destroying Pest Management Recertification: 7B, 60
Termites are just one of the many wood-destroying pests found throughout the United States. Carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, and wood-damaging fungi can also cause severe structural damage if not properly managed. This course will cover the primary wood-destroying pests found through the country, the recommended treatments for each of those pests, and the primary sources of excess structural moisture.

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Structural Structural

Category 7D - Vertebrate Pest Control Recertification Program | Virginia DACS Approval #22-14-004

Vertebrate Control Recertification: 7D, 60
Rats and mice are common vertebrate pests in urban and industrial areas. Other vertebrates are not pests in their normal habitats but may occasionally become pests when they conflict with humans. Public concern for the welfare of animals and the risk to people, pets, and other non-targets from poisons used to kill vertebrates have made rules governing vertebrate pest control particularly strict.

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Vertebrate Vertebrate

Category 8 - Mosquito Control Recertification Program | Virginia DACS Approval #22-08-008

Mosquito Control Recertification: 08, 60
Mosquito management is a daunting task for many applicators. When done correctly, outdoor areas such as parks and neighborhood common areas can be a perfect place for people to relax. When mosquito management is done incorrectly or isn't done at all, mosquitoes can make public spaces unusable. This course will discuss common methods of mosquito control, everything from physical controls to pesticides, to record-keeping, all as part of a solid integrated pest management approach to mosquito control.

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Mosquito Mosquito
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