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Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education

Renewal Deadline: Applicators must renew their certification by June 30 every two years.

CE Requirements: Applicators must complete a recertification program.

State-approved Online Pesticide Courses

Ornamental Recertification Program | Virginia DACS Approval #21-23-032

Ornamental Recertification: 3A, 60
Pest management of ornamental plants involves multiple steps from growing a healthy plant that is more resistant to pest damage to correctly identifying the problem when present. This course will cover the most common pests of ornamental plants.

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Right-of-Way Recertification Program | Virginia DACS Approval #21-06-023

Right-of-Way Recertification: 6, 60
Pest management in right-of-way situations can be a challenge. The economic thresholds are different in right-of-way situations compared to either a landscape setting or an agricultural setting. This course provides an overview of pests common to rights-of-way, management solutions, a look at the equipment commonly used to treat rights-of-way, and a review of calibration steps for that equipment.

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