Review of Pesticide Use Hazards | Indiana Approval #000SRF

Instructor: Sarah Racine

This one-credit course, approved by the Indiana Office of the State Chemist, contains important training for the understanding and use of toxic pesticides. Safeguard wildlife, including pets and humans, while protecting plants, soil and water in the environment.

Pest managers must be aware of the potential damage to the environment when applying pesticides. Dangerous outcomes range from human exposure to phytotoxicity in plants. Surface and groundwater contamination, negative effects on non-target organisms and other unintended consequences may result from pesticide use.

Learn more about pesticide classification and designations based on targeted pests, the categories of pesticide toxicity and various toxicity factors. This course is designed to help you prevent hazardous pesticide exposure at all levels.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics of various pesticide formulations.
  • State appropriate measures to take in case of pesticide accidents.
  • Explain pesticide toxicity and the different hazards of human pesticide exposure.
  • Recognize strategies to minimize excessive pesticide exposure risk to pets, plants and the environment.