Maryland Commercial Category 3B - Ornamental Interior 8 Credit Bundle

This course bundle is designed for the Maryland Ornamental Interior Applicator. The course bundle contains 8 credits of category specific continuing education approved by the Maryland Department of Agriculture Pesticide Regulation Section. Please click on course details for a list of specific courses.


  • Fungicides and Plant Pathogen Sampling – 2 credits
  • Interiorscape Pest Management – 6 credits


Fungicides and Plant Pathogen Sampling

Course Description

This course provides the learner with a few basics necessary for effective management of turf and ornamentals. Understanding how to properly collect specimens for accurate analysis by a lab will save time and money. Understanding how a fungus infects a plant and which fungicide will treat that fungus effectively will provide quick treatment that can limit the damage done to the plant. Plant appearance, the status of the infections, what to include in your sample, and fungicide mechanism of action are discussed to provide a framework from which to formulate treatment strategies.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of how fungicides penetrate the structures of a targeted plant.
  • Tailor a management strategy that addresses the prevention, identification, and treatment of fungal infections in plants.
  • Identify the proper part of the plant to send to the diagnostic lab for analysis.
  • Execute proper packaging and shipping of each sample to the diagnostic lab.

Interiorscape Pest Management

Course Description

Pesticides protect plants in your interior landscape from insects and diseases; maintain the aesthetic appeal of indoor plants, and provide a good image for your clients’ establishments. This course outlines various invasive pests and diseases of interior plants and how an applicator can effectively treat pest infestations while protecting themselves and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their clients’ businesses.

After completing this course users will be able to:

  • Identify invasive pests of interior plants, including insects and diseases.
  • Operate and properly calibrate various types of application equipment.
  • Outline effective practices for the management of various pest populations.