Review of Forest Pest Management | West Virginia Approval #000Z2J

Instructor: Sarah Racine

This two-credit course, approved by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, prepares you to manage forest pests safely and effectively. Teaching key practices for forest pest management, including detailed descriptions of personal protective equipment (PPE) and spraying tools, this course enables you to effectively control pest organisms without harming humans, non-target organisms or the environment.

Minimize workplace hazards and chemical dangers as you abide by Worker Protections Standards (WPS). Know your responsibilities and the safeguards your employers must implement on site. WPS requires employers to provide PPE for pest managers. Know what that equipment is and how to use it. Where pesticides are present, know what information must be provided and where you can find it.

During your work in the forest, you may be exposed to elevated temperatures. This course gives you recommendations for avoiding heat stress and managing a variety of heat-related illnesses.

Always have the right tool for the job. You will achieve a uniform spray pattern and minimize pesticide drift as you master the various sprayers and nozzles needed for forest pest management. This course covers all stages of the calibration process, including pre-calibration, calibration for both new and existing components, broadcast sprayer and banding calibration and more. Finally, the course discusses effective application methods.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss Worker Protection Standards, including the responsibilities of employers and employees who routinely work with pesticides.
  • Identify the symptoms of heat-related illnesses and effectively manage the dangers of heat stress.
  • Identify key variables in the calibration of pesticide application equipment.
  • Explain calibration methods and techniques.
  • Describe methods for pesticide drift prevention.
  • State the equipment and methods for forest pesticide application.