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Includes both English and Spanish video training programs. This product will provide everything that your business needs to train your agricultural workers according to the EPA's Worker Protection Standard. This is an EPA Approved Training Program (PST 00024).
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Nebraska Online Recertification

Complete Re-certification Program for Nebraska PRIVATE Applicators (Online Video Package)

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture has approved this re-certification program as the first and only online video re-certification program that fulfills the requirements for private applicator license renewal. This program covers all major topics in the National Pesticide Core Standards Manual and will provide you with everything you need to know to maintain your certification as a licensed private pesticide applicator. Certificates are available immediately upon course completion, and we submit your course completion to the state for you.

Recertification will be granted to private applicators who complete the program.

Program approved by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.
This course is approved as a complete Private Applicator re-certification program (DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR COMMERCIAL APPLICATORS RENEWAL)

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State Requirements


How do I get my applicator's license in Nebraska?

Private Applicator - To obtain certification to be a Private Applicator, you must complete one of the following:

  • attend a private applicator training program - usually  sponsored through your local extension office, or
  • complete a self-study program through your local extension office, or
  • pass the Private Applicator Exam administered by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA)
  • The licensing fee for a Private Applicator is $25 for the three-year licensing cycle. Private Applicators must re-certify every three years. For more information on obtaining your initial certification contact your local extension agency.

Commercial and Non-Commercial Applicators - To obtain certification as either a Commercial (for-hire) or Non-Commercial (not-for-hire) applicator, you must

  • successfully pass the general standards exam and at least one category specific exam with a score of at lease 70%.
  • The licensing fee is $90 for Commercial Applicators, there is no fee for Non-Commercial Applicators. Both Commercial and Non-Commercial Applicators must re-certify every three years.


Do I need continuing education to maintain my Nebraska pesticide applicator's license?
No, Nebraska Department of Agriculture requires that all applicators be re-certified every three years.

Renewal Cycle: 3 years

Renewal Deadline: April 15th 3 years after the exam date

Who submits my course completion to the state?
Certified Training Institute will submit your program completion to the state. Completions are submitted on a weekly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your course state-approved?

Yes! This re-certification program is the only state approved online video program for private applicators in the state of Nebraska.
Please note: This re-certification program is NOT approved for commercial applicators.

How do I contact the state of Nebraska with pesticide questions?

Nebraska Department of Agriculture
301 Centennial Mall South
P.O. Box 94947
Lincoln, NE 68509-4947
Phone: 402-471-2341
Fax: 402-471-6876

What classifications of applicator's licensing does Nebraska have?

Nebraska has three levels of licensing for pesticide applicators: Private, Commercial and Non-commercial.

  • Private Applicator Certification - Anyone who applies restricted use pesticides in an agricultural setting to their own property needs this level of licensing. Private Applicators may apply restricted use pesticides to properties owned by others as long as no compensation outside of an exchange of services.
  • Commercial Applicator Certification - Anyone who applies restricted use pesticides to the property of another in a for hire capacity needs this level of licensing; or applies pesticides to the structure or lawn of property owned by another, regardless of if the pesticide is restricted or general use. There are currently 14 categories and subcategories that a Commercial Applicator may be certified in.
  • Non-Commercial Applicator Certification - Anyone who applies restricted use pesticides to a commodity or property under the direct supervision or direction of their employer; or anyone performing outdoor vector control for a neighborhood or community. This level of licensing is strictly not-for-hire.
What are the 14 categories and subcategories Nebraska has established?

Nebraska has established the following categories for Commercial and Non-Commercial Certified Applicators. Applicators may be licensed in one or more of these areas depending on their scope of work. For a more detailed explanation of the categories please click here.

Category 01 - Ag Plant Pest Control
Category 01A - Soil Fumigation
Category 02 - Ag Animal Pest Control
Category 03 - Forest Pest Control
Category 04 - Ornamental and Turf Pest Control - does not include applications to aquatic areas
Category 05 - Aquatic Pest Control
Category 05S - Sewer Root Control
Category 06 - Seed Treatment
Category 07 - Right of Way Pest Control
Category 08 - Structural and Health-Related Pest Control (residential or commercial)
Category 08W - Wood Destroying Organisms
Category 09 - Public Health Pest Control
Category 10 - Wood Preservation
Category 11 - Fumigation
Category 12 - Aerial Pest Control
Category 14 - Wildlife Damage Control
Demonstration and Research Subcategory
Regulatory Subcategory

Does the State of Nebraska offer reciprocity with other states?

Applicators that live outside the state of Nebraska may be eligible to obtain a Nebraska Pesticide Applicator License if those states have formed a reciprocal agreement with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA). Eligibility for applicators with licenses from other states or agencies may be granted on a case by case basis. Click here for more information about reciprocal licenses.

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