Skunks: $mell the $uccess

Instructor: Stephen Vantassel

Skunks used to be considered a very valuable animal, probably because they weren't called skunks. They were called "Alaska Sable" or "Black Marten." But when the Supreme Court insisted there be truth in advertising the demand for Alaska Sable plummeted. The desire to have a skunk residing on a client's property doesn't seem to have improved either. This course will discuss the lifecycle and biology of skunks, habitat modification to discourage skunks from taking up residence, trapping tips and techniques, the basics of rodenticide use, and the basics of euthanizing if allowable by law. It is important to be familiar with state and local laws regarding skunk management.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Describe common skunk behavior, habitat, and diet.
  • Discuss the different methods and sets for efficient trapping of skunks.
  • Describe the various methods of euthanizing.